Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Things I LOVE having in the house

This will be a short one, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready for a PTA event so I am going to keep it short and sweet. What things do you want, need, love in your house with kids bumping around the house.

LOVE, WANT NEEDS for my Kid friendly house

Paper - I have a huge sheet of butcher block paper that can always be used for bored people any age

Art/Craft Supplies - You have to have something to do with the paper and a pile of nasty crayons, markers, washable paint, glue and glitter are always good. As the kids have gotten older these supplies have been put in an accessible cabinet and can be used for school or fun. I try to keep a few cleaned out boxes, cartons, and toilet paper rolls around for crafts too, then the good stuff won't be destroyed for creativity.

Bins/Organizational Supplies - I have bins for everything, they keep me sane. The shoes have a bin, homework has a bin. All the coats get hung in the same place every day, back packs too. For me all this stuff though maybe a bit cluttery give me a consistent place to put things.

Books - I keep a huge variety of books in the house; picture, reading, reference. All these books give the kids the chance to explore on their own and lets me move on to something new when Chicken used to want to read 'Is Your Mama a Llama' for the 100th time. I am a total book fiend and love being able to watch the kids love of books grow.

Throw blankets - When it's cold blankets work for their given purpose to keep us warm, ALL over our house. In the heat they are used as inside picnic blankets, fort material, a carrying device and anything else we can think of

Juice boxes/Individual prepackaged snacks/Fresh Fruit - There are times when I don't want to or can't get over to go get a snack for someone, having the individual servings makes it easier. Yes there are juice boxes in the oddest places, but sometimes the easy route it worth the weird old juice smell in my car.

Cereal - I know this sounds crazy, but it functions as a quick snack or meal, can be turned into a fun dessert with marshmallows and functions as great bread crumbs in a pinch.

Netflix Instant Streaming - I have no idea how the changes to netflix will change this, but I am sure we will all know eventually.  There are days when if I have to listen to iCarley or there is nothing on but Zack and Cody I may lose my mind. This is stodgy me coming out, but there isn't a lot of TV I really like right now, besides a handful of shows.  Netflix instant download lets me just throw on something that will last more than a half hour and I know the content of before hand, though Angry Beavers is getting a trying.

LOCATION - we are located in a court and have a good size back yard, along with only having one not too busy street to pass to get to the park.  This gives us the chance to encourage outside play and Independence.  It also gives us a chance to clean the house in between kid tears through it.

Doors - There have been moments where I just needed to go into my own space and shut the door, before the kids needed therapy for life and I regret too much what I say.

Google - I come off way smarter than I am because I can look up just about anything.

What are you wants and needs to survive in your house of kids??

PS I am trying a new layout, what do you think?  I am a little bummed I can't add in all the linking I had in before, but I sort of like the layout. Your feedback will decide what I do.

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