Monday, September 5, 2011


I have been informed by Thing One, that she has never been Thing One, is not Thing One now, and will never be Thing One. This has been a long standing issue that I am about to totally give up one. Thing One has been Bean for years, this was the Hubs nickname as a kid and we started calling her Sweet Bean forever ago.

At some point I became that whack job mom that wanted to dress her kids up in matching Halloween outfits and Thing One and Thing Two were the obvious choice. Once Bean got a brother there were many Thing One and Thing Two moments and this seemed a give in Halloween costume, but it was not to be. Bean hates the Muppet's, like at some point in her life will need therapy for it, and somehow Thing One and Thing Two are associated with the Muppet's. I am not saying I haven't succeeded in matching costumer, they were Minnie and Micky Mouse one year, too cute. I never succeeded with Thing One and Two though and seeing as Bean will be 9 in days it seems only right to give this one up. 

In giving up the desire for Thing One and Two matching Halloween outfits, I am going to give up those monikers here also.  Why you ask? I started out with Thing One and Two to hide their anonymity when they got older, having pictures didn't really help that though. This blog also isn't so widely read that I have any big concerns about some freaked out Internet perv hunting them down.  I will continue to not use their true names, though 90% of you know them, but will use their nicknames. Bean obviously is a pretty widely used one and something I don't see her keeping into adulthood.  What about Thing Two you ask? I assume anyone who knows us well knows what Thing Twos long standing nickname has been shortened too recently and it is appropriately short enough to use here, Chicken.  Chicken gets nicknames like some kids get pets, he acquires them from everyone, everywhere.  Chicken has become my nickname for him, a shortened version of the nickname he has had since he was three. I find Bean and Chicken to be hysterical names to nickname your kids, but both seem to fit really well and if we are going to let it all hang out, those nicknames should as well.

So the next post you will see from me will not reference Thing One and Two, but Bean and Chicken; two kids who seem at the moment pretty ok with me over sharing all our lives.

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