Thursday, September 8, 2011

My latest addiction....

Candy Flavored Vodkas :)A few weeks ago I got an account on pintrest, and the beginning of the end occurred.  I have spent most of my free Internet time wandering the pins on pintrest. I may be the last person in the world who found this site and finally gave it a wander, but man am I enjoying it.

I think what I like about it, is it gives me the chance to squirrel away ideas for later. There are lots of craft, kid and food ideas. This time of year I start digging around for homemade gift ideas and I am finding pintrest an absolute giggle for this, anything I have ever considered or wanted to try has a picture with a web link to detailed instructions.  I am all about detailed instructions. The other thing I like about the site is it gives me the ability to build up a wish list of crafts to try and products I want. I feel a real ability to express my interests and who I am through this.

So have fun and get lost...who wants to try this one...
Beyond Yummy! Nutella hot cocoa = )


  1. I've had an account for a few months now and I'm not really loving it. I'm not sure why not, as the concept is great. I hardly ever use it.

  2. Both of the above look heavenly!! I have heard about pinterest, but have avoided it because I know it will consume time that should be spent doing any number of things! I'll just keep living vicariously through everyone's posts about it!!