Monday, September 19, 2011

Mom Down

There is nothing worse than getting sick, and there is nothing worse than being sick as a mom. That is what happened to me this weekend. Thankfully I have a husband who forced me to bed to rest and took on Sunday on his own.

Sunday is one of the more high impact days for the mom role in our house. Why is this? Sunday is the get ready for the week day. We organize and plan, get lunches made, cook ahead and generally put our ducks in a row. On a normal Sunday I make lunches, get homework done, figure out what needs to get done, and maybe do a little cooking. The hubs takes care of kid amusement, cleaning and may do a little cooking. With me down yesterday it all fell to him, and he did a great job.

So why am I rambling here. Somehow when I am sick on a weekend I end up feeling like I have to play catch up all week. I am off my game and just out of the loop. Right now all I want to do is go home and crawl into bed, but I am here at work instead. Tonight when we all get home it will be disorganized and most likely I will be impatient because I feel like crap and am not yet into the grove of the week. I have no idea how other people roll with being sick, but on top of feeling like garbage I feel guilty because someone else has to take my load or part of it and I never think of that as fair. Oddly though when the hubs is sick I don’t even think twice about picking up that extra load, it is just part of our cycle; sometimes I need help and sometimes he needs help, that is how it works. Somehow being sick brings out all crazies in me. So week, here I am beat me up as you need too…

How do you handle being sick, what do you do to get through it and what days are bad days to get sick, besides all of them?

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! My husband and I definitely help each other out when we're sick. As far as the 'best' day to be sick... yeah, pretty much never. It's so hard when Mommy is sick. But it's easier on a day where we have nowhere to go- weekends, summer, etc. Even though life becomes disorganized, it's still easier than trying to be out and about.