Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sports Kids and Broken Bones

For those of you tortured with me in real life or Facebook, which I assume most of you, this story will be a rehash of sorts, sorry.  About two weeks ago Chicken broke is arm at football practice horsing around.

Practice was over, the boys were suppose to be out getting the cones and there he goes head over tea kettle over two other kids. The Hubs was there and said Chicken immediately came up to him crying that he had broken his arm.  We knew we were headed to the ER, but I told the Hubs to come by the house and I would take Chicken. The ER was interesting to say the least, there were 5 to 6 other football players with injuries in the ER, one with what seemed to be a really bad concussion.  Seeing all these other young men injured in the ER made me wonder, is this just the beginning of the injury train and will his current love of football lead to real physical hurt down the road? How do I feel about letting him pursue a love that may really hurt him? 

Injuries happen, kids get hurt, boys will be boys, it is part of playing the game; I think I have heard everyone of these sayings come out of parents and coaches mouths at some point.  My thoughts on these comments, but that is my boy!!!  As a athlete I thought the bruises were pretty cool, as a mom I am not so sure. I know that injuries happen and there is always a chance, but I also know there are ways to mitigate it too. My larger concern with all these things are what the influence Chickens coaches will have. Will they look out for possible injuries to make sure worse ones won't happen, will they even know what to look for? Will they encourage him to 'play hurt'?  Will I be able to have a voice when I think something is wrong at practice? I know it is way to early for these questions, by that kid in the ER was way to early for a concussion like that. This will not stop me from letting Chicken play, everyone needs that thing and there is a chance this is his. I may just have to grin and bear it until he decides he doesn't like it or is old enough and self confident enough to tell a coach something is wrong.  That isn't the best answer, but it is the answer I have come too.  I will be involved, try to get to know the other parents and coaches and do the best to make sure he is in as safe a circumstance as possible, but things happen and that is just part of being a kid.

Ok I am done with my ranting momminess now and back to the arm. In the ER I jumped audibly when he got his arm straightened for his x-rays.  Told him horror stories of my broken arm and helped keep him still while they wrapped it. He was home for two days while we waited for the swelling to go down and to get in with the orthopedist. When we finally got into the ortho he asked if we wanted to cast it so he can finish the football season, I politely declined saying I think we were good with him not playing while it heels. He is out for the season and no TaeKwonDo for four weeks.  The worst part of this whole thing so far is that Chicken is getting in trouble in class a little more, he is a little too antsy since he isn't getting his usual exercise.  We go back mid October where they will hopefully take the cast off, and they will give him a brace for 2 to 6 weeks.  The ortho said with the type of break and crack it is a brace is usually recommended.  Hopefully we will all survive the next 4 weeks with a Chicken without activities.

Overall, I learned as a parent I am willing to go let my kid be a kid, even if I am totally worried for them; and that Chicken needs a lot of daily exercise 

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  1. I had a student in a similar situation once- acting out in class because he wasn't getting his usual exercise. We set up a deal where the second I saw him squirming (before misbehavior occurred), I told him to go take a lap. My classroom faced the basketball courts, so he would zip out the door and sprint around the courts as fast as he could. He was only gone for about 1 minute, but it made a HUGE difference in his behavior in the classroom.