Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Pinterest Easter

This is not my first post concerning Pinterest and my love of the site.  I spend way to much time pinning tons of fun activities and attempting to do them.  This Easter I built a board just for the holiday and pinned away all the super cool funky fun activities that I was interested in trying out.  Did I try all of them all, heck no.  I picked a few key things that looked easy, cheap and pretty quick and off we went.

The first things we tried were with peeps.  We love peeps, but no one in the house actually eats them, except Bean and she gets sick two peeps in.  I was looking for color in our decorations this year and the peeps seemed like a great idea. we did the peep vase and the wreath.  The vase went really well, we did a vase in a vase so that one held the jelly beans and peeps and the other one the flowers.  The vase is beautiful, adds a great bit of color and looks good. The wreath is another story.  We used a picture frame and we should have gone round.  We also used jelly beans to fill in the holes and I wasn't really impressed by the final outcome.  The other problem we have found is that the peeps color fades quickly in the sun. Overall it isn't bad, and I want to think of more to do with peeps.The latest sewing project were the cute little bunny sacks you see here.  Bean is learning to sew and I thought these would be a great, challenging project for her.  First thing was that I should have made the pattern for these bigger.  Due to their small size the bunnies were difficult to get right side out and sewing the ears was more of a challenge than it should have been.  Also those little ears were a pain for me to stuff with batting.  Overall though this was the cutest project I have done in some time and we really liked it. I have a number of more bunnies cut out, but forgot how to get the thread on the small spool so we are waiting for mema and popi to come back and will finish the project and their house this weekend. They were a gift for them anyways. Our final Pinterest adventure centered around egg decorations.  We tried three separate ideas with this run and most turned out in some way shape or form.  The main attempt was to decorate the eggs using Kool Aid.  I liked this idea on a couple levels, it was cheap and smelled good and the colors washed off clothes pretty easy.  The big issue with this adventure was that because we didn't use vinegar and we kept trying to do different things the dye kept coming off with our fingers.  Another fun thing we tried was doing rubber band art around the coloring.  The rubber banding should have created a stripped pattern of varied colors, this did not turn our quite as expected. The rubber bands turned out to be difficult to get to stay on the wet eggs and our fingers kept taking the dye off.  The last thing we tried was a few storm trooper eggs.  These were tough to keep still and Chicken wanted to color the eggs with the Kool Aid way more than try to frustratingly draw on them.  Overall the eggs were hit and miss, but it was sure fun trying it out.We are all ready for Easter and had a great time trying out lots of new things, thanks to Pinterest.  Some worked and some didn't but I find that the interesting part of trying new things, sorting out how to make it work for us.  I have not included links to any of the things I found because I want you all to head out and find your own. Good luck..Do you have any Pinterest loves?  My username is beepnz if you want to follow me.  

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