Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Chatty

Honestly I am totally out of ideas to type today, but I did take note that both kids are in great moods and neither one will hush long enough for me to think of something to write.

Don't laugh by the way, I realize the irony that I am crazy chatty and hence have two chatty kids. The issue is happy chatty kids in this house, don't seem to talk to people, they talk to the universe about separate topics, at the same time.

Bean is currently chatting at us, or the cat or who knows about how Os are easy in cursive.  When I am really trying to focus or concentrate I may hum or sing, which annoys people to no end, and I am wondering if her 'chatting' does the same thing for her.  As the person who has to listen to this 'chatting' and is trying to do something else, man is it annoying. Sorry to all the people I have annoyed over the years, I am sure it has happened a lot.  So as Bean chats away the play by play of her cursive home work and everything else going on in the house and I keep reminding her to finish her work, someone will eventually achieve something.

Chicken is also talking at the same time Bean is and not talking about Bean's cursive homework. The humming noise of both kids talking at once is sometimes a nice white noise, but right now is making me crazy because I for some strange reason am actually trying to listen to both kids talk at once. While Bean happily chatters about her homework Chicken has words running from his mouth at a faster rate than I can form the response to all the questions he is asking, apparently all in one long run on sentence. Again, I get the irony, get over it, I'm sorry.  Finally I reach over, and touch Chicken's nose. He stops and for 15 seconds and I can hear Bean and start answering Chickens answer.

If you see someone running from my neighborhood early evening assume it is me and I just need a break.

Do you have happy chatters what do you do to deal with them?


  1. My happy chatters seem to only chat to themselves. It's funny to watch, though they get embarrassed once they see me watching them.

    1. Bean has absolutely no shame regarding the chat, yiu catch her and she just smiles and keeps going. I wonder what she does when she gets busted in class doing it.

  2. Sounds like my house. Margot and Jonathan are constantly talking. Hanna just likes to watch and listen. Jonathan is usually talking about angry birds, Margot about school, life, whatever. I try to listen and answer but often I just uh-huh my way through the conversation. With Jonathan I try to repeat what he says back to him, partly to show I'm listening but partly to show him good sentence structure. There are times I just want to run and hide. I'm chatty so they clearly got it from me.