Sunday, February 12, 2012

Work Travel

Once a year I get the chance to attend a conference with people that do what I do at work.  I work in Change and Configuration Management with an IT Service Management focus.  If you suddenly upon reading that sentence heard the adult wah wah from Charlie Brown, don't worry most people do.  The gist is what I do isn't' done by a lot of people so once a year I get to go hang with a bunch of folks that do what I do.  I love the chance to see what others are doing, but the traveling with nice clothes part always puts me in a panicked funk.

I am not what you would call a girly girl, adult tomboy geek girl is a little better comparison and this makes the idea of traveling with nice clothes that need ironing and to stay nice a bit of a challenge.  This is the second year I am heading to this conference and again I am trying to go with just a carry on bag, that usually isn't a big deal since the conference is only four days, this year though Hubs and I area headed there early so we can play before the conference.  This means in one carry on bag I now needs clothes for 7 days, and I will be switching hotels half way through this.  I can do the pants thing, no issue there, as long as I don't sit in anything; always a chance with me.  Shirts, workout clothes, kick around clothes and keeping it all neat and pressed, not so sure. This doesn't count the work computer, book I am currently reading and all the other junk I am sure will come with me on this trip.

Any ideas, tips and tricks? What do you do to pack light and not look wrinkled and dirty? 

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  1. I hate ironing even more than you do, but in Vegas you can pretty much count on your hotel room having an iron and ironing board. Whenever I go to Vegas I always manage to overpack by bringing a pair of nice shoes then end up never wearing them. You end up doing so much walking that you'll keep your sneakers on for the whole trip, so I would advise making sure that they don't look too ratted out; maybe even pick up a new pair.
    I always keep a bag of incense cones in my backpack (They've come in handy many times) or maybe some form of compact air freshener. Gamblers and smoking go together like cops and mustaches, and sometimes the housekeepers can't fully drive the stench from the room.
    And finally, take a book. It's a vacation and it's easy to forget to take some time to relax. Might I recommend The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson; funny stuff.