Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Homework

 I have always been pretty committed to trying to get homework done on time and Sundays at our house are a great time.  The constant back and forth is when on Sundays this should get done.  To assist with the when of Sunday homework we have jammie homework time, this means homework in jammies and you go no where else and can't get out of your jammies till homework is done.

There are Sundays no one gets out of their jammies all day and there are days when jammie homework doesn't happen, but generally this is working well and is a more relaxed homework time. We try and take full advantage of Sunday's for homework because during the week there are activities going on and homework may not get the focus we would like.  Homework for both kids isn't over whelming yet, but I am sure it is coming and we want to give the kids skills and attention to do the best work possible.

Spelling and reading are the two key activities that need to be accomplished on a Sunday. Both kids have spelling homework weekly and getting assignments done gives us all a great start to the week. Spelling is a strong point for Chicken so though he picks his words up quickly we need to find a way to keep him engaged in practice.  Today he did, he typed in all the spelling words and then arranged them in all sorts of fun ways and printed. While Chicken was busy learning his home keys, Bean and I started work on her paragraph. A fair amount of weeks one of Bean's spelling assignments is to write a paragraph.  Organizing  Beans thoughts and then getting her to type her first draft can be time consuming, but once headed in a direction Bean does great.  She likes getting to write out her rough draft on the computer to fix any spelling issues and then writes out the final paragraph.  Usually Bean gets two spelling assignments done on a Sunday, this helps take the heat off her to hurry through things during the week.  Bean is working on learning cursive and this also takes some time, at this point she usually abandons at least one spelling assignment half way through because she doesn't' like it in cursive.  While she is engaged in spelling Chicken does math, or plays another educational game.  Reading is pretty easy, but Sunday's are great days to have the kids trade off reading aloud or take turns reading to me in another room while the other reads silently.  The unhurried nature of these homework Sundays and the couch potato after effects make for great lazy, but productive Sundays.

What are your homework tricks? Do you have a day a week when you always work on it? How do you manage activities and homework and everything else that needs to get done in a week?

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