Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sports Fan..Nature vs Nurture

Hockey is currently on the TV in the living room. I likehockey, I like to watch lots of sports, I just don't want every waking minuteto have a sports game of some type playing in the background, Chicken doesn'tshare that view.

At some point in the last year Chicken has become a sportsfan and a lover of sports at a level way above anyone else in this house.  I have no idea where this crazed love hascome from, but I really wish he would grow out of it. This weekend alone wehave watched college basketball, NHL hockey, NFL football, and NCAA football;and he considered tennis for a few minutes. It isn't like he watches for hourson end, we would all go batty with that, but when given a choice of what hewould like to watch, if there is sports on he'll watch it. He doesn't care ifhe knows the rules, he doesn't care if he knows the team, it is sports and thatis good for him.  For sports he knows andis familiar with we get the joy of a verbal play by play, a constant neverending stream of verbal junk coming out of his mouth the entire time he it ison, until one of us snaps and loudly asks him to HUSH. 

My question is how the heck did two people who liked to playsports, but really only watch college football and a little hockey andbasketball end up with a kid that seems to obsess on sports of any type?

Yes Chicken is a boy on an epic scale, but I assumed eventhe most stereotypical boy behavior of sports watching had it's limits.Apparently I was wrong with that assumption. What I am curious about is theresome crazy sports watching gene that Chicken was born with or did he just pickup some crazy sports watching gene from someone who doesn't live in thishouse?  Additionally, how do we managehis sports watching behavior so that we don't buy him a TV, put him in a soundproof closet and just hope for the best?

Teaching good fan behavior is not something that I thoughtwould be part of my parenting required skill set, I was wrong.  What are we doing to help Chicken and Bean begood sports fans? When we watch sports we remind the kids to cheer their teamand disparage the other team. We encourage them to learn the rules of the gamethey are watching so they can know what the penalties mean and not justcomplain about the Ref. Chicken has brought home a sports related library booknon-stop since November. We are also working with him on not giving a play byplay when a game is on, not just for our sanity, but because we don't want tohear the game through his voice. We keep working on all this and eventually things will get better, but we may still put him in a sound proof room with a TV.

Happy Sports Viewing......we'll we over here with ear plugs.

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