Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year..Same Stuff

Instead of this being some great prepared thing, I am watching the Rose Parade this morning and quickly scribbling this out.  I had Chicken and Bean do a bit of typing to tell us about what they are hoping to do or looking forward to int he next year. What they had to say surprised me, but nothing totally outrageous was on the list.  I scribed for Chicken and Bean did her own typing so you will notice a difference in the amount more because all Chicken had to do was talk and that is exceptionally easy for him.  I don't really do resolutions, more intentions or things I want to try and do. The new year brings a lot of assessment about what did and didn't get done in the year and for me is a time to look back, figure out what worked and what didn't and move from there.

Before I include the kids comments I want to declare my own intentions and things to look forward to in the new year.  In looking back at the last year I want to spend less time focused on school and work and more on having a good time with the family. I can't wait till our family reunion in Newfoundland this summer, the trip should be great and an amazing chance for the kids to meet family they don't ever see.  I need to trust my gut more and when I don't think things are right with the kids at school I need to pursue it and stick with it and trust that when I am concerned I should be and need help and to find it.  I intend to spend a little time find time for myself and getting a better balance between family and me.  There are just those days and weeks and months that it has been all kids all the time and I think we all need a little more breathing room.  My house still isn't clean but I am not going to make myself crazy, I always figure I have until Chinese New Year to have it deep cleaned and it will or won't get done and I won't make myself crazy either way. I hope everyone has a happy and safe year with more ups than downs and more laughs than tears.

Beans notes on the New Year:

What I ant to happen in the New Year is to make more friends. I want in class we make more art. I hope it snows.  I can’t wait till 4th of  July. I love the fireworks.  

Chickens notes on the New Year:

I like New Years Day, because you get to eat a big ol' turkey dinner.  We got a new dog in 2010, her name is Emmie.  Emmie turns two in a couple months, I want to keep on hugging and loving Emmie.  This year we all need to work on training Emmie more, so she stays on her bed.  This year I want to launch a rocket.  I want to get through football season without breaking anything.  I want to see the bats at the zoo this year.  I want to have more turkey today, turkey is good.  I want to learn how to make my dads world famous mashed potatoes this year.  I want to go up to mema and popis and play in the river a lot this year, when it is warm.  I want to learn to make rice krsipie treats. 

Have a great start to the New Year, and may you smile more.

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