Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can the Find My iPhone App find everything else?

We recently installed an app called Find My iPhone. We did this because my parents have an iPad and wanted to be able to, find their iPhone, if they lost the iPad. They only have a single Apple device and since you need two iOS devices to Find an iPhone, we installed the app on our iPad.  Being the geeks we are, we then proceeded to install it on ALL the Apple devices in the house.  It turned out to be a really good thing that we did this.

The beginning of the new year seems to bring a lot of chaos into our house. Kids go back to school, work starts to play catch up the holidays, winter sports starts and I am desperately attempting to deep clean the house.  With this as a backdrop my desire to just sit inside with a good book and hibernate doesn't usually play out very well.  Invariably with all this and my hibernation instinct things start getting lost. Keys end up in the freezer, coffee cups get left in random place and my usual spaciness starts to seem excessive. In the last three days keys, shoes, clothes, and an iPad have all been misplaced. Sadly the iPad was the only thing that was able to find itself.

Loosing the iPad could have been fatal, someone may kill someone else without that lovely little device as a distraction, but thankfully it never came to that.  When I came tumbling in the door with three bags and a ton of wet clothes last night I assumed I put the iPad down on the table and started getting the kids organized.  Getting homework started, dinner going, and cleaning up the mess of wet clothes and bags can take awhile. A few hours later as things were settling down it was time for a little Flipboard on the iPad, but the iPad was no where to be found. The house, the bags and the car were turned upside down. Then the Hubs asked, "Did you leave it a Taekwondo?"

"No", I was adamant.

"Lets use the Find my iPhone App."

"Fine, but all it is going to show is that it is here, it won't tell us it is in the washing machine or anything."

Wanna guess where Find My iPhone found the iPad.......Taekwondo......

After locating it, and finding out it started talking at Taekwondo we were relieved to be reunited and headed to pick it up on the way to another activity.  My question is thusly..If Find my iPhone can find the iPad, can it also find the clothes, keys, and shoes that we have lost?  It would be really helpful.

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  1. Or finding the car in a crowded parking lot?! That would be awesome.