Monday, November 28, 2011


After a week at home I jump back into the saddle of life and work again. Last week after being pretty ill Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we had some friends up for the four day weekend. We spent Thursday on the usual traditions; lots of food and Festival or Trees. Friday, we actually went out into the throngs, man was that a bad idea. I ended up coming home from the Black Friday madness and did all my Christmas shopping online.  The girls spent Friday making Christmas ornaments a messy but surprisingly fun activity, this one might be a new tradition. Chicken played outside so hard he slept well for the next two days. There isn't a lot else to say in regards to the holiday, expect that like all other families we have decorated for Christams and started the quick jaunt towards the next holiday break. Hopefully the kids will survive the first day back at school after the break and I will survive the craziness of all the things I need to get done in the next few weeks.

One thing that we put on our priority list this year was family portraits. I have wanted really good professional pictures of the kids for a long time. This year a great friend, Noelle Veldhouse was able to take some amazing family pictures and I love them.

What are you taking the time for this year? What is your to do list looking like these days? I am so glad we added the pictures and think I will make this a more regular activity in the future.

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