Monday, November 21, 2011

Accomplishments and Goals

As parents I think sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in your work and your kids. Somehow you become, Bean's Mom and at work yiu become the position you work. The goal for me is to do quality impacting work as a parent as an employee. Sometimes though I forget that I am also a person and before this job and before these kids, I had interests and pursuits that had little to do with a job or kids. This month I committed to pursuing one of those interests again, writing. I participated in the nanowrimo challenge, the challenge to write 50,000 words, loosely a novel, in a month.

I finished yesterday, quite a few days earlier than the time line of the 30th.

What do you do to pursue your interests that are not tied to your family? Where do yiu find yourself in the madness of day to day life?

Finishing 50,000 words though maybe not a big accomplishment to some, feels pretty good. I have no intention of sharing this first attempt, but I have ideas for a few more that may be become more than an idea some day. The real thing that came out of this is the reminder that I am a person outside of a wife, mom, and worker bee and that there are pursuits I have that are mine alone. There are goals we all have as people and somehow this reminded me that they are just as important and need attention too.

In this time of year when we give to our fellow man, remember to give to yourself also, and feed your dreams, interests and goals. Those are the things that make us better wives, moms, and employees anyways.

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