Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days..Organization

I took last week off writing to rest and catch up and address all the great back to school things that need to be dealt with. School starts today and I am under the delusion that if I can be organized now, the organizational love fest will continue throughout the year.

So what did I do to help us get more organized for school.  First I took the opportunity to email or sit down with both teachers and tell them where the Things are at and what may help them be successful in class. Previously we have done the wait and see approach, until the teacher came to us with something and that just didn't work, bringing issues up in the beginning will hopefully decrease everyones feeling of having to catch up to what is going on with the Things. This also gives me a good chance to gauge how the relationship with the teacher will be and lets me know what I can expected and what they can expect of me.  I also immediately filled out the  piles of paper work.  Next on the agenda will be setting up the meal pay notifier so I get an email when the school lunch account goes below ten dollars. Hopefully getting all this done now will help down the road.

School lunches is another place where we tend to get behind the 8 ball.  Thing One has basically has eaten school lunch for the last two years. With lunch prices going up and two Things wanting school lunch we have decided that the Things can pick two or three lunches a week to buy at school and take lunch the rest of the time. I expect this will be a bit of a fight, so lunch is so much more yummy than anything I can make.  The Things are picky and I can be experimental, so together we are making school lunches on Sunday, or at least that is the plan.  This Sunday I put together all the parts for three lunches per thing, each day is different and hopefully the mix of likes and new stuff will be work.  The big long term problem I see for us is making sure we have enough stuff in the house to make lunches.  A lot of food had to be washed, made, and put in containers and I see us having to make lunch supplies more of a priority when we shop.

Around the house there are other things that needed and still need our attention. Both things cleaned their bedrooms and the playroom. I am playing with making a homework study space out of a nook in the playroom and it needs to be cleaned first.  We have a unused closet that has all the school supplies and that still needs cleaning.  I have to say though I have no idea what to do about the 8 million pencils that seem to be floating around the house nor how we got them all. Additionally,  I clean out closets of things that no longer fit, organized our coat rack to just jackets that are useful right now, and generally attacked the sock pile.

Hopefully this will help to keep us moving an organized, I have also updated the google calendar with everything we know is going on, but if you see the Things running through the neighborhood half dressed screaming about being late to something; it just means the organization didn't stick and we will be back to our harried unorganized life.

Have a great school year!!!!!

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  1. You have an unused closet?! Wow. I think it was very smart to contact the teachers ahead of time- it helps everyone start on the same page.