Thursday, August 4, 2011

New iPad App love

I have once again found something that seems to really catch the spirit of what we bought the iPad for, a game that also teaches. The game is called Casey's Contraptions, it is a game that asks the player to create Rube Goldberg contraptions to achieve a task.  This game is definitely more for a trouble shooter kid who is willing to sit and mess around with something for awhile before he achieves it.  An additional tip is make sure the player is at least able to read the basics of the board or you will need to help them as they achieve a new screen, the hints on the screen are important to read at the beginning.

At yet another time where Thing Two was bored out of his mind waiting for his sister to finish something I came across a post about this game and immediately downloaded it.  Thing Two took to the game very quickly, but has run into some issues. Like a true little techie in the making he is not one for reading directions, so frequently misses the hints at the beginning that would help him achieve the goal.  Eventually he will cave and ask for help, we always go back, read the little beginning blurb and he is on his way in no time to figuring the 'puzzle' out.  Right now he is really into the scissors on the game and will totally forget what he is trying to achieve because he is distracted by making the scissors do what he wants them to do.  I have to say though for a game that can be as tough as this is proving for him, he is really sticking to it and it is holding his interest. I am more than willing to spend 3 dollars for a number of hours of entertainment that has a good teaching backbone.

I know a some point the love I feel for this iPad and all it's cute convenient Appiness will fade, but until then I will keep letting you know when I find something I really like.

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