Monday, August 29, 2011

Expanding our food choices..take two

Let me start with if anyone has any great school lunch ideas, please throw me a bone.

In an attempt to get healthier lunches and continue to expand food choices we have initiated 3 day a week cold lunch.  This gives the kids a chance to eat pizza a finger steaks two days a week, but still let us get some new stuff in 3 days a week.  Where we are currently struggling with is ideas, what types of good lunches can you send that don't need heating and won't give food poisoning if it isn't in the fridge for a few hours. We want to expand what they are taking. I will not let Thing Two go off to high school only ever having had PBJ for lunch, which he would be totally content with. 

I like PBJ as much as the next guy, but I don't think you can live on PBJ alone.  I am getting the kids to help me make lunches on Sunday and the goal is to make three different lunches. The basics are always there; juice boxes, fruit roll up, and granola bar.  The basics are there for snack and in case the main lunch just doesn't cut it. We are currently having mixed results with this, which is to be expected.  The thing I can't quite figure out is when the kids like or don't like a meal.  The best example was the hummus last week, one ate it one didn't. When I talked about doing hummus again the one who didn't eat it liked the idea and the one who did eat it was indifferent, making me crazy.  I don't deny their won't be lots of PBJ and ham sandwiches, I just want to work on getting rid of the 'I'm not eating that face' when something new shows up.

I have been on the hunt for lunch ideas, without a ton of luck.  I like to wander the net as much as the next guy and I have bought more than my share of magazines lately, but have only come up with about 5 ideas. What are your good, unique lunch ideas?

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