Monday, March 19, 2012

Blathering on a Blog

A little over a year ago I committed to myself to blog twice a week for a year.  As a way to work through what was going in with the kids and reach out to as many people as possible I started blathering online for help and inspiration.   I have found all that and more.

When I started blogging, it was to reach out and get help, but I get more than that these days. Reaching out for help and advice is still great and there are times someones words end up saving the kids on rough days.  This blog also gives me that chance to write, which is something I have always enjoyed but frequently felt too self conscious to do.  My spelling, grammar and structure are pretty crappy,  but in a blog it seems there is just a lot more forgiveness which makes me feel more comfortable.  From this blog I ended up taking on the nanowrimo challenge last year and did succeed in writing 50,000 words(175 page book) in one month, yeah me.  Another opportunity from this blog has been the ability to blather about things that are important to me; water safety, kids and social media, the work home balance.  Having a forum to blather has been nice, especially on busy weeks when I spend all week going from kid activity to work and don't really get a chance to truly talk to other adults. 

The last few weeks I have been fighting a major sinus infection, the flu, and I am sure a few other things so I haven't really been taking the time to keep the blog posts coming at their regularly scheduled times.  On top of that I just didn't feel like I had a whole lot to say.  I am sure the idea of not having to much to say is laughable to most people who know me, but ya know we all have our days.  Hopefully in the next weeks I will get back on schedule with blogging and continue to torture the rules of English here for the amusement of all. 

See ya around, hopefully Monday and Thursday mornings here.


  1. I've also enjoyed the catharsis of writing my blog for almost a year now. It's been more than just a good way to occupy my mind during down time, but also when you are writing you have to look a little deeper at things. You can't just say "I like this" and move on, you have to stop and ask yourself, "why do I like this" and by seeking that greater awareness your appreciation for that thing, or love of it, or passion for it, is inevitably heightened.