Thursday, October 20, 2011

Picture Organization and Use..HELP

 I took these pictures last year leading up to Halloween and at our family party. I love to take pictures and I love these pictures, I just don't seem to be using them. A few of the pictures from this party have graduated to one of the digital picture frames we have. A few pictures have made it to Facebook to be shared with family and friends. The majority as much as I love them are languishing in a file on our external drive.

Scrap booking is something I love, but don't really have a great set up for right now, so I don't do it very much. There always seems to be something else that needs to be done before or instead of me scrap booking. I am also years behind. I can pop out a travel album pretty well, most likely next summer I will sit down and over a few weekends knock out our family Disneyland trip from November 2010.  I will scrap it, but not journal it....
This is where I struggle, I can get the scrapping done, but I don't get the journaling done.  There are four albums in my office right now awaiting journaling and I have told myself no more scrapping till I journal.  So what has happened, I have pictures storing without notes stacking up on the hard drive, and albums and pictures sitting around the office not getting tended.  This all just makes this scrap booking seem more pain and less fun.  In general I am really just not getting things done with my hobbies. I am not making the time.

So I ask you..How are you storing your pictures for later use? Have you converted to digital to make it easier? Do you some how make notes on pictures or folders to keep track? Do you not scrap but do something else with your pictures? What is working or not working with your pictures?


  1. I like the journaling part, but I know it's a pain for a lot of people. What is the hard part for you- coming up with what to say, or physically writing it down? Do you do better if you journal on the computer and print/paste?

  2. Cindy my handwriting is really bad and it is always weird to print it out and then find a place for it or format it right, I need to just do it, but it seems so inconsistent with my process of scrapbooking somehow.