Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Waking from my Benadryl haze this morning to realize it was once again a Monday and I had to go to work wasn’t exactly top on my bucket list. It is particularly disappointing to think that over a 30 year work career, taking into account vacations and the like, we will all experience 1440 Mondays. That is a lot of Mondays. A lot of days where we wake up none to enthused and drag our butts to our cubes to stare out at the sky and dream of other places. It isn’t that I don’t like my job at all, for a job it isn’t bad really, it is just that it isn’t a weekend playing around.

So on Mondays like these, where I begrudgingly go to work to stare at a screen for 9 hours I look for inspiration in my daily grind. What do I find….

I love watching the sun rise on the drive into work, watching the sky turn pinky on the edges of the mountains, seeing the yellow streaks of the sun rise above the grey mountain skyline. In those moments driving in I feel at piece and centered.

Someone telling me ‘good morning’, ‘how was your weekend’; it is nice to see people at work you enjoy talking too. I like a lot of the people I work with and I think I am really lucky that most of the people I deal with are good people who enjoy what they do. I try hard to focus on those people that are positive, make me think and really are invested in what they do. On tough Mondays, I work hard to stay away from the haters; it can be tough but really worth it on days like these.

Lotion and Lunch smells. I know this is a weird one, but I am a smell person and the smell of a citrus lotion or someone’s lunch can totally cheer me up. Smelling some amazing lunch and then hearing about their weekend making that lunch just give me a smile. Allergies are prevalent in our house so there aren’t a lot of smelly things and smelling my eucalyptus work lotion or the girl a few cubes over citrus lotion is just a treat. It seems like a lot, work smells are a lot better than the odder unknown stinky home smells.

My walks, I take walks most days at work. I do this to get a break, refocus, clear my head and generally just get outside. On the weekends I can find it difficult to get out and just enjoy a wander on my own that doesn’t feel like work. This is something I truly enjoy doing and it is a nice break in my day. I am lucky enough to work downtown and have walking loops through the North End, a great funky downtown neighborhood, or I can wander downtown with cute shops and good people watching.

A break into adulthood, sometimes after a trying or very kid busy weekend I crave a little adult interaction. At work, no one will tug on my sleeve, interrupt me constantly, or hug me while dripping wet. I love my crazy Things, but we all need a break and there are times that I am excited by the opportunity for that break at work.

I frequently try and find the silver lining, or the learning opportunity; but Mondays can be a struggle. What are your inspirations to pull on your big girl panties and get through it all? How do you manage those manic Mondays?

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