Monday, July 18, 2011

Dogs Lessons to be Learned

I loved the book, Everything I ever learned about life I learned in kindergarten, though right now I think in our house it is everything I ever learned about life I learned from my dog.  Be a good dog and treats and attention will come to you. It is fine to get excited, but don’t go crazy with the pushing and shoving and jumping or the fun will end. When you do something you aren’t suppose to, show you’re sorry, tucking tail and showing the big eyes can lessen the punishment.  Though complaining can sometimes work, there is always a time to stop barking and live with the situation you are in. If you don’t behave you will be in the kennel.   Life is cyclical there will be young and hyper dogs needing to learn the rules and old dogs that teach the rules, young dogs listen to the old ones.  Share your treats or all you will get is harassed by the other dogs.  It is fine if you found the stick, but don’t think it is only your stick and that you alone can keep and play with the stick.  Love and attention are plentiful, but everyone needs a break from giving constant belly loves.  We all need to run around and play, but when in the house that is not the time, go outside.

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