Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comic Book Kids

At some point in my childhood I got hooked on comics, I loved them then and I love them now. When I was 7 and 8 I would not consider myself a reader, I struggled. Being able to read wasn’t the only problem, it was understanding what I read, and being able to express it back in some articulate manner that I struggled with also. I didn’t have the problem with comic books though; Snoopy and Archie were my friends. Thing One seems to have the same issue and is dealing with it in much the same way I did, comic books. Thing Two, is Thing Two and he has gravitated toward the juvenile graphic novel section of the library since we first started going.

School has just let out, but in the last weeks I have become pretty flexible about the choices the Things are making in regard to reading. Both are allowed to read in silence, and they don’t have to choose books at their reading level. So what are they reading? In the last three weeks the books have all been of a comic or graphic novel nature. Thing One has read Babymouse, Lunch Lady, Get Fuzzy, and the graphic novel version of Beauty and the Beast. Thing Two has chosen to read Spiderman, Eek and Aak, Gus Beezer, and the X-men. Both kids love comic books, the pictures, the stories, the whole thing; and really who am I to complain, they are reading. Thing One can recall the stories she reads which she can’t always do with 'word only' books and she is also able to say specific lines in the comics, so I know she is actually reading them. Thing Two gets his adventurous side met in a way the Henry and Mudge just aren’t providing right now with the comics he chooses. For right now comic books are what works and whatever works is a go in this house, and I am all about reading comics when I can be.

Due to the fact the Things are 6 and 8 I initially worried about finding comics that appealed to them and at the same time weren’t overly violent or too sexualized. The Things would have tired quickly of Archie and Veronica, but comics have come a long way and have varied interests, reading levels and maturity levels.  Our local library has a great collection of kids graphic novels and comics and a separate section for the teens and adults. There seem to be a lot of options that are kids friendly and are still really fun. The Gus Beezer books will always be a favorite, especially since it introduced 4 year old Thing Two to his heroes X-Men and Spiderman. Thing One thankfully discovered Babymouse and Amelia Rules, totally better options than the Hannah Montana books. Defiantly it is harder to find that book that Thing One really relates too. With news of a new book coming out from Action Lab called Princeless, I am hopefully that yet another book will speak to her.

I read comic books and I eventually transitioned to ‘REAL’ books, but I still read comic books. I like comics, the pictures, the stories; there is something in comic books that I can’t seem to find in other books. I really hope the Things develop the same love, then I can mooch their comics when they buy them.


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