Monday, May 2, 2011

Room Updates

We were buying shoes this weekend when we ran across a sale on reusable wall stickers, you know those ones that you can peel and stick on the walls.  Both the kids got super excited about them and since they had been really good I decided to let each Thing pick a set.

Thing Two didn't have a whole lot of choice, most of the stick-ons were flower associated or pink with peace signs.  I find it interesting that boy specific items are good for a lot younger or a lot older and a lot of the transition things are commercial comic book hero's (Spider man or Iron Man).  Thing Two picked a solar system, very cool and with the Star Wars look the room is starting to move towards it made a lot of sense. Thing Two has always been in this room so it has pieces and parts from each room update we have given it. Thing started with a Hawaiian surf themed room, then went to cars, and is now moving towards Star Wars and Outer Space. He was pushing for a TRON room for awhile, but I wasn't sure how I would make that work. The Solar System he choose didn't look too big, but I thought it would give a nice look to the room and we could then give the race track peel and sticks to another boy.  I was wrong about the size and amount of peel and sticks, there was a TON of stickers and they were a good size and at least 30 glow in the dark stars.  The room was almost transformed by these stickers, it amazes me how quickly a little change can alter a whole look. Thing Two is ecstatic and so excited to have so many glow stars.

Thing One picked pinkie orangy peace signs for her room update. They are very in line with her general style and would match great with the two other sets of flower peel and sticks already in the room. Thing One hasn't always had this room and though the color hasn't changed I have repainted the bed twice and really don't want to do it again.  Thing Twos room has been on the need to update list for some time, the walls need paint and the bed either needs a redo or a new bed.  The issue is Thing One and I can't come to agreement on color. She wants black and bright pink with purple, and I don't want to torture anyone with having to try and paint over black in 5 or 10 years.  Due to the impasse the room has not been updated, and will not be until we can agree. The peace signs made it more Thing Ones current style, but still didn't make me twitch with dread and the clean up when she decides they arne't her.

For the time being this little peel and stick update is all the Things are going to get in the room update department.  Thing One and I can't come to agreement and Twos room I am not painting till we move out, he is a mess and the wall is feeling the pain, particularly when the action figures get scraped againts the wall.  I want the Things to be able to express themselves with their rooms, and at the same time balance that with the fact that some day we won't be in this house or one of their rooms will be my craft room, we'll have to see how this all turns out.

How do you make a quick room update?


  1. Changing the bedding also gives a quick update since you can get bedding in so many different things...but much more costly than the stickers! They look great Erica!!

  2. I hope they stay up. We had some for Margot, fairies, and they weren't cheap, wouldn't stay up. Hanna has a cool horse on her wall but it was wallpaper. Jonathan has sports balls that match his comforter-they were wallpaperish and it was quite the adventure getting them up. It is amazing how a little wall art changes a whole room though. We did paint one of Margot's walls pinks, just one wall though. Hanna says she wants us to paint one of her walls, haven't quite gotten around to it though.

  3. Peel and Sticks were always a big hit with my girls in updating the look of their rooms.