Friday, May 13, 2011

The Many Faces of Thing One.....Educational Coaching ?????


     When Thing One first got assessed the recommendation was that there be some educational coaching to assist Thing One.  When I went in to coordinate for the 504 the school nurse recommended that some educational coaching occur to assist Thing One to understand her processing issues better to function as a better advocate for herself.  Thing One is a really good advocate for herself medically, and besides her root beer addiction is really good at managing and explaining her medial issues. The thing is, I am not 100% sure that Thing One would benefit from educational coaching just yet.
     When a child is highly intelligent and at the same time struggles with foundational issues, and has made it this long without anyone calling her on it she deserves a hand.  Thing One has an amazing capacity to fall under the radar intentionaly, so that people think she understands and is just diddling, instead she most likely didn't get it and is pretending or is stuck on how to organize her thoughts to do the work. Note, I stated most likely, some of the time she just isn't that interested and so doesn't do the work. I have no illusions about my kid, there are times she is interested and engaged and times she isn't though you may think she is.  Once I started talking to teachers, tutors and coaches we all started talking about the same things, there were good days and bad, days the work was done and days it wasn't though we all thought it was getting done.  So what will coaching give her.    

    Thing One is a great kid, I find her pretty amazing, and I feel for her because it seems like there is always another bump in her road. She is bright, funny, silly, kid that asks amazing questions, and can think of thinks way outside what you expect of an 8 year old. Her teacher told me once, she just isn't thinking about things other second graders thing about, she really chews on things.  Now there is no way this kid is perfect, she is a master manipulator and can tutor her brother on levels I was not sure possible. She isn't much of a drama kid, but she can whine and cause trouble with the best of them. 

     Will she use the skills she learns in coaching for good or will she use those skills for manipulation? How will coaching help her to be able to be able to tell people she needs help and will she use that to get out of work? Will coaching helping her maintain the cool person she still is or change her?  The possible outcomes concern me.

     I love my children, but wonder what is the best time to get into the details of thier learning disabilities. Thing Two knows, has a name for it and it good with it all, some how the medication and the resolution of his worst issues with that makes it all easier.  Thing Ones' situation is a whole lot more confusing to talk to.  Explaining what it is and how it works can be really tough.  Explaining the issues and maintaining her self confidence is the reason for the coaching, but what will come out of if beyond that is my concern. I think both the kids will be stronger people when they are adults, no matter how all this turns out.

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  1. That is a quandry! I have a friend going through something similar with her son. At least Pioneer is working with you. Her son's school said it was just attitude and not a learning issue even when she had proof from having him evaluated. He is adopted and apparently the birth mother did drugs/drank while pregnant and didn't get prenatal care so he has some major issues. Good-luck figuring her out. Kids can be a real mystery!