Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reboot for a New Week

We had friends in town this weekend, so after a very full week with a vendor on site for me, a doctor appointment for Thing two, a few colds and just keeping the regular stuff running it; we had to clean the house and host some folks.
TOTAL TANGENT: My old cranky cat is sleeping on the sofa arm chair and our year old boxer is trying to start a fight by growling and mini barking at her from across the room, the dog is obsessed!!!!!
Now back to your regular scheduled rant to the universe. We bought an iPad, so far Angry Birds is way more popular than the math and grammar apps, but being able to say do one and you can do the other is really good. Hopefully the interest in it will maintain. The number of Apps out there to help Thing One are impressive. I am just not always sure which ones are the best ones and which are crap.
Thing Two started his ADHD meds this weekend also. Generally he seems calmer and less manically happy. There have been a few emotional outbursts but I can't be sure those aren't from lack of sleep due to playing with house guests. I hope the meds do what they want and don't change his personality. I guess I worry about it because that is what everyone else is telling me is a concern of theirs, not that I have seen any research that it really changes personality. I still want to beautiful, funny little nut job, just not so crazy I want to hang him outside by his sneakers.
On the Thing One front the school wants to do a 504 and most of the people I am asking for advice are recommending a IEP. I am going to find out the guidelines for an IEP vs 504 and then make the call, but more and more I just don't trust the school personnel to have her best interest. I used to always believe that schools always really cared and just wanted the best, I have come to doubt that. I feel highly uneducated on these issues and constantly struggle with when to say yes, this is what she needs and when to say NO and you need to make this right. All I want is what is best for her, to allow her to succeed and do what she wants. I know that is most parents desires and constant adjustment is needed in their lives and ours to achieve it, I just struggle and hate it.
As a child I thought all the "adult" things seemed so easy: marriage, job, kids; I can't be that hard, man was I naive..
Oh well another week another set of chaos, at least no vendors for either of the adults this week, though now the rubber has hit the road with my project and I only have two development weeks to get the basics configured. There is so much in all these pieces we perform in our lives I have no idea how we all keep is straight.

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