Friday, March 4, 2011

Another week..Comings and Goings

Another week has passed and once again I am facing the weekend with questions, research needs, and a general malaise.
In the last few months the kids have dropped one activity and are on the way to dropping another. Until the last planned drop is done it just seems like there is never enough time. This week Tae Kwon Do considered testing the Things for their next belt. Never mind neither had gotten a stripe of accomplishment on any of the things to be tested. Then the idea came up, if they get stripes and are really viable to test, do we drop an activity for the week so they are better prepared for their test, and then how do we organize those comings and going. It seems everything always centers around transportation and time, it rules the house and our world.
We met with the company that will be starting Thing Ones foundational learning tutoring. The chief questions besides money were transportation. Who can we get to do what, how, when, what works best. Then they throw the ringer, really tutoring once in school should be twice a week...We are intentionally dropping things to lighten the schedule and now, it is tutoring on One twice a week, which two will have to be with me at, and Tae Kwon Do twice a week. There goes the idea of having a relaxing night a few nights a week.
As an adult who once had friends and could go out, spend time with them, talk to them, and generally be a good friend; these comings and goings are killing me. At what point can I go out with a girlfriend for a drink, hit up and after work band camp', go play on the IT indoor soccer team. I feel so overwhelmed coming and going I no longer have a life of my own. I feel like a crappy friend and a crappier human being. At some point very soon there will be no more need for comings and goings, and then where will I and all the moms like me be. Hopefully the rest of my friends are in the same spot and won't hate me when I can see again.
I love and miss you all, but the comings and going have consumed me.....

PS On a side note I have been doing quite a bit of research on assisted technology for learning disabilities and really am liking this idea. I am incredibly close to buying Thing One and iPad and getting her Apps that help with process output. I have to say, I love the idea of adaptive technology that fuses with what is already out there being used in education..

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