Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mom's can't wear capes

I am am not saying we can't be super moms we all are in some way shape, or form. Much like Edna Mode in the Incredibles NO CAPES. Capes get stuck in too many things.
Most things we carry with us as mom's are like our capes, they drag us down, get in our way and seem to spill out of our purses at any moment. Our schedules at work, calendars at home and general to do lists running around in our heads keep us constantly moving, collecting this item, picking up that child and all the pieces and parts drag behind us to get lost or get too weighty or just too much.
So what so we do about it? How the heck should I know. I am the mom that has separate bags for each activity, frequently not putting all the things I should in the bag. Better yet there is the days I forget who is doing what and call my husband, check my schedule, and then have to run home to get all the pieces and parts I need to get to the next activity. On top of that I am the mom that really only likes the kids to do activies together, two kids in two directions is just way to much for me.
Side Note: Is Hot in Cleveland just a younger version of Golden Girls?

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